Integrate Spanish commercial data into your processes

LibreBOR API allows you to access Spanish structured commercial data from more than 2.5 Million companies and 2.9 Million directors and agents. Automate your Know Your Customer processes. Integrate the results into your applications. We have plans that adjust to your needs.
Structured data

Structured data

Daily updated

Daily updated

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain



  • Feature Enrich your data with Spanish commercial data
  • Feature Keep your customers and suppliers data up to date
  • Feature Alert your users about the company status
  • Feature Autofill company forms on your website


  • Feature Automate your processes in order to identify business risks and comply your legal obligations
  • Feature Verify the status of businesses
  • Feature Reduce compliance risks
  • Feature Save time on your manual onboarding and Know Your Customer processes

Plans and pricing

We are no longer in beta🥳
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Limited access to our test environment

Ideal to start interacting with LibreBOR API without spending a single cent.


Includes 250 requests (€0.12 per extra request)

Start immediately. Receive the best technical support for troubleshooting.

  • Feature Companies and Officers API
  • Feature New Companies API (one province)
  • Feature Priority support (email + chat)


Includes 1500 requests (€0.08 per extra request).

Receive the best technical support and access to advanced features.

  • Feature Companies and Officers API
  • Feature New Companies API
  • Feature Priority support (email + chat)
  • Feature Endpoints customization
  • Feature Multiple API keys (soon)

Indirect taxes not included. No setup fee. Cancel anytime.

Doesn't suit your needs or your business model? Contact us for a tailored plan or try our requests pack:


Includes 100 requests

  • Feature Companies and Officers API
  • Feature One-off payment
  • Feature No expiry date
  • Feature Basic e-mail support

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contract any of the services? Caret

By means of your User Dashboard, without the need to sign a contract and speeding up its acquisition.

Do you offer any discount for large volumes of requests? Caret

Yes. LibreBOR API prices are based on the volume of monthly requests. For more information, please consult our sales team.

What data is included? Caret

  • Corporate name (current and former ones)
  • Company status
  • Registered office
  • Corporate purpose
  • Share capital
  • Province
  • Legal form
  • Officers and representatives (current and former ones)
  • Cargos directivos y auditores
  • Incorporation and extinction dates
  • Dissolution date and reason
  • Registry data
  • Data source URL
  • Filings and Commercial acts

What data is not available?

  • NACE
  • Turnover
  • Financial statements
  • Number of employees
  • Contact phone number

Is data reliable? Caret

The data shown in LibreBOR comes from Official Gazettes, therefore they are reliable. On top of that, by means of multiple processes and our own algorithms we improve the data quality since it is somewhat common that the gazettes include mistakes, such as typos.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime? Caret

Yes, none of our plans have permanence.

What payment methods are allowed? Caret

We use Stripe as payments gateway, therefore you will be able to pay using any VISA or Mastercard card. In order to know other supported credit cards, check out the Stripe documentation

Do you work in research, in a non-profit project or are you a student? Caret

We have special plans for non-profit projects. Contact us.

Do you have more questions?

You can visit our documentation or

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