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LibreBOR has released two pieces of software under free software licences in order to allow their study and collective improvements by anyone from the technical community with the appropriate technical skills.

You can study the source code, distribute it and improve it (always respecting the corresponding licences).


The heart of the first version of LibreBOR. It is a Python library to download the BORME files in PDF format in a simple way and process them to generate a JSON file.

The source code is available on GitHub under the GPL v3 license.

In the issues of GitHub you can find open enhancement lines, report bugs in the software and contribute your own code improvements.


First version of the website, written using the Django web framework. It is currently decommissioned but we have preferred to keep it online in case it can help others who want to study its code.

The source code is available on GitHub under the Affero GPL v3 license.


One way to support Librebor.me is by contributing to the development of tools that ease the automatic processing of public information.

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