• Officer «Avila Correia Mauro»

  • Last update: June 25, 2018

    Source of data: Agencia Estatal Boletín Oficial del Estado

Positions in companies
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Position Natural or legal entity From Until
Apo.Manc. Teka Industrial SA 25/06/2018 Current

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Commercial acts published in the digital edition of the BORME related to or registered by Avila Correia Mauro .


Jun 2018


On 25/06/2018 the following nombramientos were filed in Commercial Registry:

Position Natural or legal entity
Apo.Manc. Vilaseca Muñoz Pablo
Apo.Manc. Stahlbock Maik
Apo.Manc. Sanchez Del Toro Angel
Apo.Manc. Rodriguez Royo Pablo
Apo.Manc. Muñoz Agustin Natalia
Apo.Manc. Lopez Alonso Francisco
Apo.Manc. Lacunza Hernandez Rosa
Apo.Manc. La Mantia Marco
Apo.Manc. Garcia Agustin Carlos
Apo.Manc. Dill Ulrich Martin
Apo.Manc. Castejon Esteban Andres
Apo.Manc. Avila Correia Mauro

Announcement 279030 of 2018
Registry data: T 1120 , F 144, S 8, H S 2152, I/A 143


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